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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Threatened Species, Threatened Habitat

Red Pandas
Nathan Axtens & Michael Mroz
Red Pandas are a small, endangered species of panda found in Central Asia. It is classified as endangered, with an estimated population of less than 2500 mature Red Pandas. Threats include hunting for fur, deforestation for agriculture and logging, severe habitat fragmentation and overgrazing. Their low birth rate (one or two offspring a year per pair) does not help the problem.


Hunting of Red Pandas is illegal, but many are poached illegally.
Criminalising the hunting of Red Pandas has conflicted with some cultural ceremonies that take place in Central Asia. Continued habitat protection could hold back agriculture and wood production.  This is not what we would call a bad result, but the reduction of production in agriculture and lumbering, as well as the fact that many red pandas are still killed for there pelts is definitely undesirable, and something must be done.

The best possible solution would undoubtedly be one that can save the red pandas by disallowing the hunting of them, but also allowing cultural ceremonies to take place.  Since this is not possible, due to the nature of the ceremonies (the use of fur in clothes for special occasions, etc.), and there is no obvious compromise that could be reached, the already started tact of  criminalising hunting appears do be the best method.  Perhaps the introduction of rangers in and around red panda habitats would further deter hunters, and it would not be a bad idea to create special parks where they could be bred in captivity but still given a good amount of space, and be treated if sick, etc.

The red panda is a critically endangered species, and we must work together to avoid the extinction of this wonderful animal.

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Interesting site

THIS SITE is very interesting. There are some subtelties. Make sure you read carefully.

Fail Toad Judges Working Families

In a surprising move this morning, the fail toad announced that all students would be followed by its agents wherever they went, and their families would be judged based on their behaiviour.
"They will judge your friends your family, and your school..."
Is what she said this morning at a conference in front of the entire year group. (continued page 3)...


The Extent of America's Stupidity

Now all of us Aussies were very excited that the Olympics were in Beijing this year, because it is almost the same time-zone as us, so we would be able to watch it on prime time, live.

Unfortunately, America stepped in, as usual. The TV stations of America want extra money from ads, so they said to the olympic committee: "Change the time of the major ewvents to suit our prime time, and we'll give you money!"

Of course, the committee said "Yes, yes, of course, Mr America sir. Would you like us to lick your boots as well?" and it goes on...

But NOW, the problem is America's. Most Americans are in debt, and now, with all the games on prime time, the ad companies are fighting to get their ads up, and Americans watch these ads.

What happens next? Well, I'll tell you. The indebted peoples of USA go out and buy the advertised items on their CREDIT CARD because they're told they need them.

THEN, the USAians cannot payback theircredit caqrd bill, so the banks take possession of their stuff, and the US economy falls even more (and then everyone else buys US dollars, which forces the US economy up, then everyone sells their US dollars for a profit at the same time, and it drops again XD)

And that is the story of why it is in America's best interests to let Australia watch the games at decent hours.

Thank you.

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Combat Legends Recruiting Games (pwnage)

These are from some recruiting games my clan held the other day (click for large image):

My XFire